Hey peeps,

Can you believe it’s almost June! Gosh! This year has been good.

So I haven’t been reviewing as much anime, because I haven’t been watching that many. I have been watching some of this season’s anime such as DanMachi and Owari no Seraph! Can’t wait to review those. Also I’ve been reading the Nisekoi manga. It’s much better than the anime in my opinion. I liked it so much that I’ve ordered two Nendoroids. Speaking of PVC, I also ordered a pre-owned 1/8 figure of Princess of the Crystal. I’m pretty excited for that.

Animecon is coming up soon and I’ve still got to finish to cosplays. However, I’m a bit too preoccupied with gaming lol. I hope I can finish it so I can show you ❤

x Vasvi