Manchester Christmas Markets!


I’m sure there’s already a bunch of blog posts about this! However, I have to share my experience.

The Christmas Market is super cute! They are open from 14 November until 21 December and it’s a route through the city centre with many cute food markets, drinks, and opportunities to buy handmade or kinda sketchy stuff, like clothes, accessories, and I even saw a shop for belt buckles!

The Christmas Market food stands sell food of several countries in Europe. There is, of course, the German bradwursts, but also Greek herbs, French crêpes, and Dutch sugar waffles! You can get them spread with Nutella.


Left you can see the crêpes menu and right you see the Dutch “Poffertjes” and I had never eaten a crêpe before. So, I just had a regular one with sugar. Next time, I’ll have the one with lemon or cinnamon. I’m not really the type for the rest they offer.

However, I was really disappointed that they had no Dutch “snackbar” snacks. You’ve got the frikadellen, kaassouflés and soooo much more. I was hoping to see a little snackbar, but no one served it. I guess I understand with all German meat no one would be interested in Dutch snacks. I was happy to see Dutch cheese and even cumin cheese (my all time favourite), but for those prices, nah thanks! It was too expensive for the amount of cheese you get.


There are tons of adorable market stands for people with a soul for sweets. From biscuits to candy, they’ve got everything you want and need. I haven’t tasted any of these (yet), but let me know how they are. The cupcakes look so adorable!

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The atmosphere of the market is incredible. It’s got the so many lovely smells that just make you feel like you’re already celebrating Christmas. Of course, everything has that lovely Christmas decoration, so it’s extra special when it’s dark.

All photos here were made by my friend Satoru! 🙂