ARK: Survival Evolved; early game

I purchased ARK: Survival Evolved in the Monthly Humble Bundle. A friend convinced me to buy it. He was playing it already with another friend and I thought it was hilarious how they always were chatting on TeamSpeak as if they were married.

Don’t play ARK by yourself: play with friends or join a tribe.

This game is pretty insane. You start out with nothing and you end up building huge houses with your own little dinopark. It’s pretty fun to play with friends. If you have a tribe, you get shared exp if you craft or gather near each other.

ARK is probably a game you either hate or love, because it requires frequent playing and it can be pretty frustrating when you die. And you’ll die a lot: from starvation, drowning, thirst, dinosaurs, snakes, but even flies can wreck you. You’ll lose your stuff if you die, so be careful! You can try to find your body/bag again, but it will disappear after thirty minutes. However, I feel this is part of the game; it would be pretty boring otherwise. Except, when I kept dying in a high-level area with my basic, yet important materials, I was getting pretty fed up haha. Eventually we settled in a new area and I tamed a turtle (called him Spike).

I advise to ignore the Wiki as you level, because figuring things out yourself is pretty fun. However, if you’re playing for the late game, it’s best to google your way to max level.

So, find a good server and play! 🙂

Psycho Pass Review


Psycho Pass | サイコパス
Production I.G.. Directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro 

Imagine fighting crime in a world where the Sibyl System measures your mental health, talents…. and even your criminal intent. Sibyl System dictates every move–even the execution of criminals. However, the Sibyl System has its dark secrets.

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Why I love handheld consoles!

I am in love with handheld consoles~! I think they’re are one of the best ways to play a nice video game. So here are some reasons why handheld consoles are amazing and should receive more praise, reviews and attention. I have no clue how to order my list so I’ll just start with the very first thing in mind.

You can take your handhelds with you! And that’s obvious, but it’s a great thing. You can game from literally anywhere and that’s amazing. I love taking out my PSVita or my 3DS when I’m travelling or commuting. It’s fun to take your handheld with you to many places. You can take handhelds with you on holidays, so you can continue your Pokémon adventure while sitting in your hotel room.

Another amazing thing about handheld consoles nowadays, is that there are loads of genres to choose from! There are adventure games, action games, puzzle games, simulation games, and so much more. You can have a whole range of games anywhere you go and that is just a great concept.

Currently two handheld consoles dominate the market. Nintendo is leading the market. I can write this without actually looking it up, because I’m pretty sure they’re doing amazing. They smashed with the Gameboy and their handheld has only grown since then.  Sony brought the PSP and the PSVita. The two companies provide very different kinds of games, despite offering a range of genres. I wanted to play the Final Fantasy X/X2 remake for a long time, so when I found the opportunity to treat myself, I did! I was amazed at how well and beautiful the game works. I can now explore Spira from anywhere. The PSVita has its own issues and problems, but I think that handheld consoles are developing at an rapid rate.

At this pace, we could probably play large, high-content and high-graphics games on small consoles.