Social Media: Top 3 Great Points 

While social media is pretty shit in general, people do amazing with it. Here’s my top 3 of things I love about social media.

Giveaways are usually a publicity stunt by companies to gain followers and hopefully customers, but one thing that’s becoming more and more popular are groups and apps for giving away second hand things. Honestly, how great is that? Even food is shared among those who can’t afford it. My favourite is probably the Facebook groups of each town and city, on which people offer used things for either a moderately low amount of money or for free. Have you already joined such groups? It could save you a ton! Or give your unused things to the less fortunate!

Ever wondered how to assemble your PC or how to get stains out of your clothes? Ever wondered how to do a smokey eye or paint landscapes? The internet is the place to find tutorials on anything. I found a tutorial on how to install this generic brand printer on Youtube and I love watching makeup tutorials while busy with sewing or other things (I should probably start to watch more sewing tutorials though). 

Take it a step further and even learn new languages and skills through the internet. You can take exams to test your knowledge on languages after doing independent study in the Netherlands. I’m sure you can acquire a bunch of knowledge and gain “proof” of it. 

Before I buy an expensive make-up product, I check its reviews online. However, you will find that mixed reviews are always the case. While people can generally agree that one product is generally good, there will always be people who hate it. So, find someone whose opinion you can value; someone who seems to agree with you on a lot of things or whom you seem to like and see what they think. For make-up, I tend to lean towards olive skinned MUAs and (generally) independent MUAs.

What are things you like about social media?


    Tips for beginning cosplayers: how to start

    From one beginning crafting/sewing cosplayer to another, here are some tips to help you out if you’ve got no clue what to do. These are just tips of course. They aren’t facts or rules.
    I’m just sharing my experiences.

    Songstress Rikku

    Note the mistakes in my costume. Had a lot of fun regardless of mistakes. Don’t get me wrong! Photograph by: Yuna:

    How to start a making a cosplay

    Choose your cosplay wisely.
    Choose a cosplay that challenges your skill level, but isn’t too complicated. Easy and challenging cosplays can both be fun: a cosplay can look extremely easy, but still be pretty challenging. For example, I had huge troubles with making Songstress Rikku. It looked pretty easy: a coat with darts, boot covers, gloves, and a headband. However, it really wasn’t.
    More importantly, choose a cosplay that you like a lot! If you have a cosplay that isn’t too difficult and that you like, then you will enjoy your time making the cosplay. Of course, you’ll have to face many frustrations. So, be careful, too many frustrations might lead to giving up.

    Research the costume
    You should study the costume. Research a lot. A freaking lot. The internet is vast with many tutorials, patterns and information. How to seam. Which fabric to use with what. How to work with different fabrics and materials. Good research might save you from certain errors and mishaps. Trial and Error Basically, you might make zero mistakes or you might make many. Trial and error is the way to go and the best way to learn in my opinion. Forgive your rookie mistakes. If you’re following a tutorial, realise that your skill level is not the same as the tutor’s skill level. So, your work might not look the same as theirs.

    Cherry on top
    I always like it when a costume is worn with a wig, lenses, makeup, and maybe even some props if the character has them. It’s a lot of  fun and frustration to style wigs. I bought cheap scissors from Ebay and also bought cheap wigs from Ebay, because styling expensive wigs scared the crap out of me. You don’t have to do any of these of course. If you dislike wearing wigs or lenses, then don’t. Don’t force yourself.

    Social media
    Basically, be prepared for craptards to crap and ignore them.

    That’s it. Don’t force yourself to do anything with cosplay. It’s a hobby.

    There aren’t any rules.