Marco Polo | Review


Electus, Weinstein Company, and Netflix.

Season 1, 2. 2014, 2016.

I was recommended Marco Polo by a friend, and once I watched the first two episodes, I was hooked.

If you hadn’t heard beyond Marco Polo besides that weird shouting game ( which I never really understood), Marco Polo is a man who travelled to Mongolia from Italy. A search and read on Wikipedia will tell you more. Then you will also realise that this series differs from the Marco Polo story–which is good! I find the differences between the history and the fiction interesting as opposed to irritating.

As all reviews, I will keep this review short also.

Marco Polo features the story of Kublai Khan through the eyes of the abandoned Marco Polo. The Itallian boy gains the trust of the Mongolian emperor and becomes entangled in the political plots. The acting is done superb. The music is incredible. The fights are intens and amazing (with the exception of a few scenes). There is suspense, drama, the whole deal, all wrapped in a few episodes of forty minutes. While the script has extremely cheesy lines, it manages to do the trick. While some events are predictable, the plot is ensnaring.

If you’re interested in political historical dramas, beautiful scenery, and amazing costumery, then this is a great show to watch.



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