Working!! Review

working header

ワーキング!! | Working
A-1 Pictures
Welcome to Wagnaria!

ワーキング!! | Working
A-1 Pictures, Directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike, 2010
Work has never been this fun!

ワーキング’!! | Working
A-1 Pictures, Directed by Atsushi Ootsuki, 2011
No wait it can get better!

ワーキング!!! | Working!!!
A-1 Pictures, Directed by Yuri Kamakura, 2015
Third and final season.

Working!! is a series focussing on the lives of the employees of Wagnaria, which is a cute family diner. The story begins with the restaurant being low on staff. Taneshima Popura (she’s not that short!) decides to recruit people, but this isn’t going as well as she’d like. Eventually, she bumps into Takanashi Souta. This boy has a weak spot for everything and anything short (kids, puppies–even insects), and he finds himself unable to decline the offer and becomes the newest employee of Wagnaria.

To be honest, I just love this series. I think it’s a well-paced, slapstick comedy on school, romance, and doesn’t adhere to the contemporary common anime character tropes. The characters are all quirky, but they aren’t annoying or too shallow. In fact, throughout the three seasons, they grow so much and stay so true to themselves. It’s something I value  a lot in fiction. I might go into this in another review where I can spoil things.

All three seasons are hilarious and fun to watch. It’s a light hearted comedy.The animation is good. It’s not sloppy or hasty. The music is relaxing.

Overall a fantastic comedy. A must watch! I can’t wait for the one hour special.


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