Nisekoi Review

nisekoi review bannerニセコイ | Nisekoi
Shaft, Directed by Naoyuki Tatsuwa and Akiyuki Shinbo, 2014
Team chitoge!

Nisekoi is one of those typical harem comedy anime, but Shaft did a pretty neat job of keeping it interesting. The story features a young boy, Ichijou, who made a promise with a girl a long time ago. Now for some unknown reason, he still keeps thinking of her. However, he also has a crush on his classmate Onodera. And then he also is forced into a relationship with Chitoge, a tranfser student from the USA. Drama and comedy ensues!

The story develops pretty nicely, but at the end I did get somewhat bored with all the fillers and the endless love triangle. The plot doesn’t advance that much, because the story is still progressing in the manga. Season 2 is already out as well! However, I might not watch it, because I can’t be bothered after reading the manga.

You can see Shaft’s style filter through the comedy. It’s in the shading, the poses, and certain animation techniques. I think it’s pretty impressive how subtly their style is recognisable, except for the head tilt of course. The animation and style are well done as expected.

Overall, this anime is pretty cool to watch, but don’t the plot to amaze you. This is one of those anime where you have to get attached to the characters.


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