Aldnoah Zero Review


Aldnoah Zero | アルドノア・ゼロ
Aniplex, Directed By Aoki Ei

Sort of like Gundam with great music

A friend recommended me to watch this series a few weeks ago. I tried watching it at first, but I wasn’t hooked from the first episode. However, I kept hearing great things about this anime, so I gave it another go and then I finished it in two days. I was hooked. I love this anime.

To be honest, the idea has been done loads of times before. Earthlings have to battle against Martians from an alien invasion and war. Of course, the Martians have an upper hand with better technology powered by an energy source called Aldnoah.

This story is set 15 years after a war which resulted in the moon blowing up. The causality was dubbed Heaven’s Fall. As a result of the war, schools have adopted a military programme to prepare everyone for another war. Many children view the programme as a game or just something that is part of school and needs to be passed, but there is one child who seems to take it seriously. Inaho Kaizuka has the talent of being extremely calm in even the most dire situations. This is a virtue and a curse, because I couldn’t really connect with him as a viewer. I don’t find it annoying that he is always calm during the series, because it’s a refreshing character from all the PowerofFriendship!Protags. I’m willing to forgive the convenience of his character traits.

The second main character is Asseylum Vers Allusia. She’s the Martian princess whose presence on earth is used as an excuse to initiate an attack on Earth. This girl is incredible. She isn’t strong physically, but she shows understanding and emotional strength. I suppose that she could also be seen as naive and too kind, but I like to think of her as a great character. She does what she can and she doesn’t stray from her goal.

When the princess was a child, she saved a young boy from death. Slain Troyard then grows up on Mars and is treated like dirt. He’s super loyal to the princess and his role in the anime becomes more important each episode.

Aside from Kaizuka, there are number of side characters who are all diverse, not really stereotypical, but not really memorable either. They’re either good or bad and it’s not worth going in depth for. There were two character I really liked: Eddelrittuo and Cruhteo.

Eddelrittuo is a child accompanying the princess and this girl is scary! She is kind and loyal. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but she sort of sacrifices herself for the princess. This kind of loyalty from a child left a huge impression on me.

Cruhteo is just a cute blonde bishie.

Aside from the great-yet-average plot and average characters, the animation is quite beautiful. The drawn animation and CGI blend well together and the music is beautiful. The soundtrack is amazing and it gave me goosebumps! I would definitely buy the OST. I would include youtube links, but they’re not really uploaded on youtube due copyright.

To conclude, this anime is great, but not very unique or surprising!

Small disclaimer: I’m sorry, but as I’m writing this I’m not very familiar with the Gundam series. I have read that the plot shares insanely many similarities. I saw Gundam when I was a child and all I remember is the protagonist putting his broken knee back (I found that really disturbing).


2 thoughts on “Aldnoah Zero Review

  1. Pete says:

    Hooooow dare you insinuate Gundam doesn’t have good music! (I kid, I kid, lol) Actually fun fact, the composer for this series actually composed for a Gundam series as well, called Unicorn Gunfam. Obviously a fantastic soundtrack, so I’d recommend it to you if you dig Aldnoah’s OST. Also great review write up. They’re nice and bite-sized yet informative! Keep up the good work!


    • vasvi says:

      Ohh that’s awesome! I should get the OST sometime. 🙂
      And thank you! It’s so nice to receive feedback ❤ If you want me to review anything, please do ask.


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