No Game No Life Review

no game no life thingNo Game No Life 

Yuu Kamiya 

Mad House

Two of my close friends wanted me to cosplay Shiro. I decided to give in and have a go at the anime, because I’d like to know what I’m cosplaying.

The anime series is based on a light novel. In case you didn’t know, a light novel is a Japanese type of novella. Personally, I haven’t read any yet. I hope to do so soon; I hear that there are translations out there. The light novel and anime are about two siblings, Sora and Shiro, who are shut ins and hardcore gamers. They game under a blank name, 「     」. It is literally just blank. Their weakness is the real life, but they’re quite intelligent and bright. After defeating some cheaters in an online game, they are invited to a game of chess. They realise they are playing against a person and win the match after a few days of playing.

Their opponent turns out to be the god of another world and transports them to their crazy world of games! There are ten pledges that ensure strange inhabitants don’t commit any crime or murder. Everything is decided through bets on the games. If you bet that all your belongings and lose, then you have to give all your belongings away.

While the story is interesting and the art style is beautiful, the rest of the anime is rather disappointing. Others might enjoy the harem and ecchi themes, but I find that those themes distract from what could have been something incredibly interesting. Like, maybe the actual story and plot so that they could have fit more of the whole story of the light novel in the anime.

The art style is beautiful. Perhaps a bit too saturated for some people’s taste, but I think it fits the anime. The bright colours match the fantasy world of games.

The main characters are interesting, but the rest of the characters are kind just the same type of girls you’d see in any other anime. I don’t feel like they’ve made them interesting and round enough. Despite the size of their busts, their personality is rather flat. This doesn’t mean that I think they’re terrible characters, because through the dialogue it seems that they have their own pasts and relations, but the anime doesn’t go into this as much as it could. Shiro and Sora’s childhood seemed to be focused around their high level of intelligence, but the anime doesn’t explore it a lot.

The ending is rather disappointing. It’s an incredibly open ending and it ends in the middle of the whole story. It doesn’t really satisfy my expectations. I hope they make another season. I really enjoyed the anime, despite all the perverted scenes.

Would I recommend this anime to people?

Depends if they’re already into anime or not. Ecchi is always a bit of a risk to show to people who are skeptical about enjoying media other than television series.


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