Why I Love Elementary


Premiered in 2012, Elementary is by far my favourite Sherlock Holmes adaptation and TV series of the last two years.

 Elementary is an American adaptation. However, Sherlock and his family remain English. He currently resides in America, because he had to undergo rehab.vlcsnap-2014-11-30-15h35m30s217

The structure of the series is pretty simple. There’s a case and Sherlock solves it through detail. The cases are unique and interesting. However, it gets a bit repetitive to see Sherlock go between suspects and then gain sudden insights. In the first seasons especially, the format gets repetitive for a few episodes. A case seems unsolvable or very hard and we follow Sherlock go through several different deductions depending on the evidence. Then he suspects different people. Sherlock almost always suspects a different person than the police does. It gets a bit  boring after several of those episodes.

However, the show does save itself with different unique cases and the overlapping story arch. I don’t want to spoil, but it’s really good. The plot twist had me exclaiming.

The sole reason I think this adaptation works so well, is because of Joan Watson. She is the best Watson, because she does not take any crap from Sherlock. She has respect for Sherlock. It shows from many scenes, but many scenes also show her not accepting Sherlock’s demeaning language or attitude. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and I think that what makes her so amazing and the show so amazing. There is one scene where her friends show their worry for her new profession. She walks away from the intervention, because she thinks their attitude is not needed. Joan doesn’t depend on anyone to give her praise or attention. She is willing to learn from Sherlock, but they stay equal.

The rest of the cast also doesn’t “take shit” from Sherlock. I love that. It keeps the dynamic between the characters interesting and it gives space for character development.

And that’s why this show is so amazing.

No shit Sherlock.


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