Child of Light Review



Ubisoft Montreal

Patrick Plourde

Child of Light implies that it’s a story of braveness and innocence transpiring in a fantastic and magical world. It is that and much more.  The opening sequence resembles that of a fairy tale. Aurora, the small protagonist, wakes up in a magical realm named Lemuria. Filled with grief over the separation with her father, she tries to find her way back home. This small act of bravery leads to her encounter with the firefly named Igniculus and later she meets a mysterious lady, who tells her that she can only go home if she brings back the sun, moon, and stars.

The game is a 2D side-scroll RPG and adventure game with a few puzzle elements. The story is quite straightforward: there are dark antagonists, whose names all reference to darkness or night and there’s Aurora and the Queen of Light. Despite the straightforwardness of the plot, it is still a very intriguing and enjoyable one. The dialogue is all in rhyme. I found this fun and annoying at the same time. The setting of the game is gorgeous. If you’ve already done some googling on the game, you’ve probably already seen that the art is drawn and painted. It does add to the fairytale atmosphere of the game and it goes well with the side-scroll element. I don’t want to go in too many details, because I don’t wanna spoil anything. However, this is a beautiful coming-of-age tale, illustrated by recapturing the stolen celestial bodies.

The playable characters of your party are inhabitants of Lemuria, each character originating from a different part of the magical world, so your team is pretty diverse and cool. Each character has a different skill set that provides for quite an interesting party. Sadly, you can only have two of them in battle, but everyone does get experience points from the battles. When you level up, you gain a point you can spend on skill trees. These trees contain passive and active skills and stat points. You can’t get new items from battles, instead you gain stones called Oculi, which allow you to boost your offensive, defense, and utility skills. It’s possible to craft more Oculi from the ones you find in battles and chests. A sapphire and ruby will create the amethyst, which has different qualities. There are many different Oculi and many different power-ups.

The battle system is turn based, but it has an action time based element in it like Final Fantasy X-2 and XII. There are abilities that allow you to jump forward or backward on the timeline. Igniculus takes part in battles and it’s really fun to work with him. The sassy firefly can heal allies and slow enemies. You control both the party and Igniculus, so pay close attention.

I bought Child of Light for the PSVita. It seemed like a nice platform to play this game on and I think I was right for myself. It felt like a handheld console game, like you wouldn’t want to play Pokémon on your Playstation (no wait I totally would…)



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