Why I Love Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon 4-10

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

Naoko Takeuchi

It surprises me when people of my age don’t know this series. I loved watching it while growing up. Loved it. It was a funny and beautiful show.

I was literally mesmerized by the beautiful transformations, attacks, and the end battle scenes.

When I was around 17, I googled the manga scans of it, downloaded all of it and I reread it again a few years ago. Now I’m buying all of the manga whenever I can (I kinda lost count where I am so I’m scared of buying another one… They’re all in The Netherlands).

I am completely smitten by the manga. It’s visually the best I’ve read up until now. The atmosphere in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is fantastic. The atmosphere is beautifully romantic. The manga differs from the anime, because it seems to be aimed at an older audience than the anime. The anime has a very episodic structure and a random monster is at the end of each episode. While I don’t remember disliking the episodic structure as a child, I did get bored of it when I was older. However, the manga is structured as a narrative, so it is a much easier read if you’re a bit older.

The manga is beautiful bildungsroman of Usagi Tsukino. The story begins when she’s a clumsy cry baby and only fourteen years old. I’ve heard many people complain about her whiny attitude, but I also think that most people can relate to her in the sense that she’s a character who we have all been or will be. I think that everyone has that phase where they complain a lot or don’t really care about school and would just rather read comics, sleep and eat. At the end of the he’s still clumsy and I think it’s even implied that her future self still doesn’t know many kanji characters (in Sailor Moon R).

v5-15So what’s so special about this clumsy protagonist?

Usagi has limitless love for her  friends and Mamoru. She already has a few friends and when she first becomes Sailor Moon, she rushes off to save one of them without even thinking about it.  Then she becomes friends with the rest of all the sailor senshi. At first, some sailor senshi aren’t keen with Usagi, but that doesn’t stop her from still loving them. In fact, she never even holds it against them that they had issues with her.  Usagi doesn’t even hate all antagonists. She always tries to sympathize with them, but it does not stop her from beating their asses with her limitless power derived from her strong sense of love.

The dynamics of the characters work beautifully. The manga is filled with details on all of the female cast. The cast is quite diverse in character and they all work quite well with each other. The characters are well rounded. They all have their own motives and reasons for whatever it is they do. It

The style of the manga goes beautifully with Usagi’s development and growth. The style is on another level. Shoujo manga is known for throwing around the panels and creating a flowing atmosphere. In a way it’s like a stream. It took a while to get used to it, but I think the style fits the manga very well. The style of the manga and the of style of Naoko Takeuchi create a beautiful ethereal narrative.

I feel like this manga is not just a magical girl story, but it is a beautiful bildungsroman about growing up, finding your way in the world and the power of limitless love.


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