Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lip Swatches!

These liquid lipsticks are controversial, pretty neat, wannabe indie, and do what they gotta do. They stay on with minimal touch ups and honestly that’s so amazing.

However, each colour seems to look different or seems to have a bit of a different formula. Furthmore, every picture of the same colour seems to look different–how annoying is that? So I decided to swatch every colour I have with minimum make-up and no filters.

It’s just plain me, the velvetines and my bathroom (yes, my bathroom).

Here’s a list with my thoughts on the colours. If I ever buy more, this list will expand.

Black Velvet

black velvet

The website describes this colour as a “true black hue”. Do you agree? I think it looks black!

Considering how darker colours usually feel dry and patchy, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this colour feels really smooth.  Like what the actual ding-dong. Furthermore, it makes my teeth look really white.

The application wasn’t the best. I think that it’s a bit tricky to work with.





blood moon

This colour is describe this as the”deepest blood red hue”.

This colour… Well I think it’s supposed to be a dark-red but it I think it looks far too purple to a dark red.

It’s a beautiful colour, but the application is terrible. It dries extremely fast and it feels clumpy, which makes it hard to apply.

Furthermore, it dries the lips like really badly in my opinion.


Dream Girl

dream girl


A deep cranberry colour? It looks nothing like the Limecrime’s picture, but I think it’s a pretty colour nonetheless.

Despite the fact that this colour dries fast while applying, I love it. It feels slightly tight as well, which is obviously uncomfortable, but I think Dream Girl is worth it.



This is supposed to be a deep plum hue. I suppose it comes close. It looks like the website describes.

I have no complaints about this colour itself. The formula is all right and the colour is okay too. It’s just a right kind of purple for me, in my opinion (I tend to avoid bright “odd” colours).







Honestly I’m not sure if I like this colour. It’s from the Girls Girls Girls Bundle and it’s a “peachy beige” according to the website. Perhaps I should have gone for a darker colour like Elle?

It looks alright on the selfie, but in real life it’s streaky and it makes look either ill or sort of cute?

I think it is useful to have a colour so close to my own skin colour to change the form of my lips if I wanted to.



Pumpkin is one of my favourite LimeCrime colours. It’s a nice auburn colour that is great for daily wear.

While it’s named Pumpkin, the website describes it as “brick red”–what’s up with that lol?







Raven (2)


This colour is named Raven, “the darkest purple”. I suppose it’s pretty dark.

The colour is hard to put apply and is streaky.

I suppose the end result isn’t so shabby?





Red Hot (Metallic)

Red Hot

This metallic lipliquid is honestly my favourite lip product. It feels incredibly comfortable and smooth.

The website describes it as Cherry Red, but I don’t really think it looks cherry.






Red Velvet

Red velvet

Red Velvet is honestly such an amazing colour. It’s a true red hue.

I don’t have much to say about this colour except that I love it. I don’t wear it often, because I tend to wear Pumpkin more often. I need to change that.








LimeCrime describes this as a red-brown hue, but I think that’s a bit off.

It’s perfect for daily wear and I wear this as often as Pumpkin.

It doesn’t crumble and it goes on smooth as hell.







A cranberry red liquid lipstick.

It looks rather purple in real.

This colour doesn’t crumble and looks pretty rad.








I bought this colour for my mother, but she felt like it didn’t suit her.

I’m not sure it suits me.

However, for a darker colour the application went pretty smooth and it feels great as well.

It seems as if Limecrime has a problem with dark red colours.







Shroom is described as 90s brown. What is that supposed to mean?

This colour went on a bit streaky.

Overall, it looks all right, but it’s not something I wear a lot. I feel it might make me look pale or ill.






Squash went on streaky as hell. I wasn’t pleased at all.

The colour dries slowly.

This is supposed to be a “light orange” hue, but I think LimeCrime could’ve added bright to that.

While I don’t like the application, I do like how it looks on the selfie.

(Hello there makeup wipes lol)


Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear (2)This colour is “lilac brown”, but I think it looks more like taupe purple.

I don’t wear this colour a lot, because I think it takes a lot of colour away from my face.







True Love

True Love

This colour is briiiiiiiight. It’s a bright pinkish red. I’m often too scared to wear it, but a friend and I bought it in a bundle containing Cupid and Saint.

I suppose it doesn’t look so bright on the selfie.








Wicked is described on the LimeCrime website as a “blood red” hue, but it is very similar to Bloodmoon.

While the colour is pretty, it is also streaky and I don’t like applying it.

It’s hard to apply it opaque.






So these are all the LimeCrime Velvetines I have. These liquid lipsticks used to be one of my favourites, but lately I’ve been having tough luck with choosing right colours to wear. I hope that changes soon, because with strong rivals they gotta keep up. However, I do realise that matte colours are tricky, because they are inherently drying for the lips.

LimeCrime does have one the best formulas for matte non-transferable liquid lipsticks and that’s why I love them so much. They have tons of colours and I think that’s admirable.


Social Media: Top 3 Great Points 

While social media is pretty shit in general, people do amazing with it. Here’s my top 3 of things I love about social media.

Giveaways are usually a publicity stunt by companies to gain followers and hopefully customers, but one thing that’s becoming more and more popular are groups and apps for giving away second hand things. Honestly, how great is that? Even food is shared among those who can’t afford it. My favourite is probably the Facebook groups of each town and city, on which people offer used things for either a moderately low amount of money or for free. Have you already joined such groups? It could save you a ton! Or give your unused things to the less fortunate!

Ever wondered how to assemble your PC or how to get stains out of your clothes? Ever wondered how to do a smokey eye or paint landscapes? The internet is the place to find tutorials on anything. I found a tutorial on how to install this generic brand printer on Youtube and I love watching makeup tutorials while busy with sewing or other things (I should probably start to watch more sewing tutorials though). 

Take it a step further and even learn new languages and skills through the internet. You can take exams to test your knowledge on languages after doing independent study in the Netherlands. I’m sure you can acquire a bunch of knowledge and gain “proof” of it. 

Before I buy an expensive make-up product, I check its reviews online. However, you will find that mixed reviews are always the case. While people can generally agree that one product is generally good, there will always be people who hate it. So, find someone whose opinion you can value; someone who seems to agree with you on a lot of things or whom you seem to like and see what they think. For make-up, I tend to lean towards olive skinned MUAs and (generally) independent MUAs.

What are things you like about social media?

    ARK: Survival Evolved; early game

    I purchased ARK: Survival Evolved in the Monthly Humble Bundle. A friend convinced me to buy it. He was playing it already with another friend and I thought it was hilarious how they always were chatting on TeamSpeak as if they were married.

    Don’t play ARK by yourself: play with friends or join a tribe.

    This game is pretty insane. You start out with nothing and you end up building huge houses with your own little dinopark. It’s pretty fun to play with friends. If you have a tribe, you get shared exp if you craft or gather near each other.

    ARK is probably a game you either hate or love, because it requires frequent playing and it can be pretty frustrating when you die. And you’ll die a lot: from starvation, drowning, thirst, dinosaurs, snakes, but even flies can wreck you. You’ll lose your stuff if you die, so be careful! You can try to find your body/bag again, but it will disappear after thirty minutes. However, I feel this is part of the game; it would be pretty boring otherwise. Except, when I kept dying in a high-level area with my basic, yet important materials, I was getting pretty fed up haha. Eventually we settled in a new area and I tamed a turtle (called him Spike).

    I advise to ignore the Wiki as you level, because figuring things out yourself is pretty fun. However, if you’re playing for the late game, it’s best to google your way to max level.

    So, find a good server and play! 🙂